About archive sites

We’re pleased to announce that we have introduced an archiving service.

From release 16 onwards, older WormBase ParaSite releases will remain available for browsing. We have introduced this service to help users in transitions between genome and annotation versions. Older, draft assemblies are increasingly being superseded by highly contiguous assemblies generated with modern sequencing technologies. We want to host this data where it is available, but recognise that direct replacement of older assembly versions can cause disruption to researchers.

In release 16, we have updated gene models for 12 assemblies and replaced one assembly, Clonorchis sinensis (PRJNA386618), with a more highly scaffolded version. All superseded data remains available on the release 15 archive site:


Due to technical restrictions, the site has slightly reduced functionality compared with the live site. BLAST and VEP tools are not available. BioMart does remain available.

The search service is also not available. To navigate to a gene page, paste its ID directly into the URL. For example:


Where “maxplancki-mkr-S2-19.22-mRNA-1” is a gene stable ID. For annotation updates, deprecated gene pages can also be accessed from the JBrowse genome browser on the live site:

In addition to the archive site, data from all previous releases remains available to download from our FTP site in perpetuity.


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