Website maintenance 4th Dec 2018

Update: The task has not been finished yet and may take a couple of more hours. We expect to complete the task by 10pm UK Time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note that we are going to perform a server maintenance for the website on Tuesday 4th Dec 2018 from 2pm to 5pm (UK Time). During this period, you will not be able to sign in and use tools on the website including BLAST and VEP. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.



Planned maintenance: 26th August to 30th August 2016

Due to essential maintenance in our data centre, WormBase ParaSite will be operating an ‘at risk’ period between Friday 26th August 2016 until Tuesday 30th August 2016 (inclusive).

Whilst we will endeavour to keep the website online during this period, services may become unavailable without warning and you may experience degraded performance.  Additionally, we will not be able to respond to any help queries sent during this time, nor will you receive any acknowledgement of their receipt (they will be queued until the maintenance has completed).

Any urgent updates will be made through our Twitter account: @WBParaSite

Thank you for your understanding.

WormBase is recruiting

The parasite genomics team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute are seeking a talented Bioinformatician to work on WormBase ParaSite.

You will work on a range of data analysis, data integration and community-engagement activities for WormBase ParaSite, and will also actively participate in the exciting next phase of development for the resource. The main areas of focus will be:

  • Analysis, curation and integration of large-scale genomics data sets (e.g. studies of gene expression and genomic variation)
  • Development of the resource to support drug target identification
  • Customisation and deployment of annotation pipelines for parasitic worm genomes
  • Community engagement, including presentations and tutorials at workshops and conferences

Salary range: £31,033 to £39,142pa

Closing date: 12th September 2016

Further details and an application form are available on the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute website:

Announcing WormBase ParaSite release 4

We are pleased to announce the fourth release of WormBase ParaSite.  In this release, we have updated the data for the “core” parasitic and free-living nematodes to align with WormBase release WS250.  This update also includes re-calculation of all comparative genomics data and an update of the BioMart data-mining tool.

We have aligned RNA-Seq data for Strongyloides stercoralis (PRJEB528) against the genome and made this available on the genome browser for this species.

Additionally, a new blog ( has been introduced where we will publish articles highlighting the features of WormBase ParaSite, interesting news stories and community meeting announcements.

In response to user feedback, the main homepage and search has been re-worked.  An “intelligent” autocompleting search box has been introduced, located at the top right of all WormBase ParaSite Genome Browser pages.

As always, we welcome your feedback on all aspects of the website.