Parasitic Helminths: New Perspectives in Biology and Infection

30th August – 4th September, 2020: Bratsera Hotel, Hydra, Greece.

Registration: 14 January – 28 February 2020

The 14th conference in a series previously titled Molecular and Cellular Biology of Helminth Parasites

About the Meeting

The study of helminth parasites continues to excite great interest across the suite of modern scientific themes. With a wealth of genome information and high-throughput technologies, new drug and vaccine development, and intricate host-parasite molecular interactions, we are witnessing a new era of research on these organisms and the diseases they cause. Parasitic Helminths : New Perspectives in Biology and Infection continues the highly successful series now held every year on the beautiful island of Hydra, Greece. All major helminth research areas are covered, including new genomics of animal- and plant-parasitic nematodes, interfaces with free-living helminths such as C. elegans and planarians, developmental and molecular biology, genetics, neurobiology, pharmacology, immunology and vaccine research, all aimed at creating new strategies for control of these prevalent parasitic organisms and the diseases they cause.


A key feature of the Hydra venue is the Bratsera Hotel hosting the scientific sessions, and the quiet, traffic-free town with ample facilities for informal interactions between delegates. A wide range of accommodation is available close by, including pensions for those on a tight budget. Attendance is limited to 100 people, consistent with a discussion-orientated meeting in which every delegate is an active participant – early registration is encouraged!

Invited Speakers 2020

Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Ewbank, Marseille, France

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Julie Ahringer, Cambridge, UK
  • Adler Dillman, Riverside, USA
  • Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, Cambridge
  • Jennifer Keiser, Basel, Switzerland
  • Frédéric Landmann, Montpellier, France
  • Meera Nair, Riverside, USA
  • Phil Newmark, Madison, USA
  • Meta Roestenberg, Leiden, Netherlands
  • Mark Siracusa, Newark, USA

Organising Committee

  • Amy Buck, University of Edinburgh
  • James Collins, University of Texas
  • Richard E Davis, University of Colorado
  • Kleoniki Gounaris, Imperial College
  • Rick Maizels, University of Glasgow
  • Murray Selkirk, Imperial College

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