Brugia malayi assembly update

The new release of WormBase (WS252) is the first one to feature the new and updated version 4 of the Brugia malayi assembly.

Due to additional optical mapping, as well as new long-range PacBio sequencing and additional reassembly work conducted to integrate all available data, it was possible to scaffold the 88.2Mbp assembly into 5 chromosomes as well as the symbiont Wolbachia genome. In addition 191 contigs containing unplaced sequence are available. This represents an improvement from the v3.1 assembly, that featured 94Mbp in 9779 contigs and was included in WormBase releases until WS251.

The more contiguous sequences also improved the gene set by allowing gene fragments to be assembled into complete gene structures, as well as filling gaps containing coding regions. To enable easy transitions from previous gene sets, identifiers were mapped and transferred and are accessible through the website.

Note: WormMine as well as WormBase-ParaSite are in the process of being updated to include the latest B. malayi version in their respective next release (ParaSite v6 / WormMine 252+).

Disclaimer: A publication describing in more details the improvements and new results is in preparation and the B. malayi sequencing consortium would like to reserve first publication rights until the paper has been published.

Contributors: New York University, University of Pittsburgh, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Pacific Biosciences, University of Maryland, Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center, European Bioinformatics Institute, New England Biolabs


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