Access WormBase ParaSite data using R

The WormBase ParaSite BioMart fully supports the biomaRt package for R.  This enables the fast reteieval of data directly into your R scripts.

Here are some quick start instructions to embed WormBase ParaSite data into your scripts.

Install the biomaRt package:


Initialise biomaRt


Establish a connection to the WormBase ParaSite BioMart

    mart <- useMart("parasite_mart", dataset = "wbps_eg_gene", host = "")

List the available filters and attributes


An example: get all the S. mansoni genes with a C. elegans orthologue

    mart <- useMart("parasite_mart", dataset = "wbps_eg_gene", host = "")
    genes <- getBM(mart = mart, 
                   filters = c("species_id_1010", "with_celegans_eg_homologue"),
                   value = list("prjea36577", TRUE),
                   attributes = c("ensembl_gene_id", "celegans_eg_gene"))

Tip: to replicate a query constructed in the web browser, click the “XML” button. From here, you can see the relevant filter and attribute names required to construct the same query in biomaRt.


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